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Reproduction Forms

Colorado Veterinary Specialists offers a full range of services for dog and cat breeders and handles reproductive disease cases for pet owners. Printable forms can be found on our Reproduction Forms page.

A brief outline of our reproductive services is as follows:

For Males:

  • Breeding soundness evaluation (this includes semen collection and semen evaluation for motility, concentration and morphology)
  • Semen collection for shipment (cooled-semen)
  • Semen freezing and on-site storage
  • Semen longevity testing (testing prior to shipping cooled semen)
  • Epididymal semen collection and freezing
  • Import and export of frozen and chilled canine semen
  • Prostate disease evaluation and treatment
  • Freezing of semen collected remotely and shipped to Colorado Veterinary Specialists
  • Brucella canis testing
  • Testicular and prostatic ultrasound

For females:

  • Breeding soundness evaluation
  • Breeding management (this includes ovulation timing, fresh semen insemination, cooled semen insemination, frozen semen insemination, and transcervical and surgical

  • Pregnancy diagnosis - an ultrasound is performed at 25 - 28 days following breeding. Ultrasound is a safe and very accurate way to diagnose pregnancy and evaluating the health of the pregnancy. Radiographs are also taken the week before the female is due to accurately determine fetal numbers
  • High-risk pregnancy management - evaluation and monitoring of females that have lost previous pregnancies
  • Scheduled and emergency C-sections
  • Medical management of uterine disorders such as pyometra and metritis
  • Elective, medical pregnancy termination

Heritable Disease Testing for Males and Females

  • OFA hips, elbow, patella and shoulder evaluation
  • PennHip evaluation
  • DNA test submission for breed specific disease screening

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