Blood Bank

On-site Blood Bank

At Colorado Veterinary Specialists and Animal ER, we understand the importance of having blood products available when needed. Our donors are extensively screened to ensure only healthy dogs and cats participate in our program. Our goal is to provide in-house patients, as well as veterinary hospitals in the Denver area, a reliable source of blood and blood products.

All donors have the following testing performed prior to entry into our program:

  • Complete blood count
  • Blood chemistry profile and electrolytes
  • Heartworm test
  • Complete blood typing for dog erythrocyte antigens
  • Screening for red blood cell borne diseases and tick borne diseases

Blood Bank products and services available include:

  • Fresh frozen plasma (when protein is needed)
  • Packed Red Blood Cells (when just RBCs are needed)
  • Fresh blood

Donors are called in when red blood cells, plasma, platelets and clotting factors are needed.

Blood typing is available for blood recipients (with submission of a purple top tube)

Clotting panel (PT/PTT) evaluation is also available (clotting times).